Spring 2024 Seminar:

Ternary Positionality: Relationality, Decoloniality, and Interpretation

Photo credit: Zrinka Stahuljak

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About the Spring 2024 Seminar

Advanced course in critical theory, drawing on a wide range of approaches and methods, from philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, history, political theory, literature, art and performance. Variable topics are set annually. The course includes canonical (e.g. J. Butler, J. Derrida, F. Fanon, M. Foucault, B. Latour, Cl. Lévi-Strauss, P. Ricœur, G. Spivak, M. Strathern) and contemporary thinkers (e.g. K. Barad, E. Coccia, W. Chi Dimock, E. Glissant, S. Hartman, D. Haraway, A. Membe, W. Mignolo, A. Simpson, E. Viveiros de Castro, S. Wynter), and experimental critical theorists of intellectual sovereignty. The course is dedicated to thinking about the past, present, and future over the longue durée.

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How to Apply

Enrollment for the 2024 Spring ECT seminar is now open. Please see the UCLA Schedule of Classes for more information.

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